Rain to Make Art

On 15th Aug, I made my first attempt at collecting rain. Water is essential to making pottery and I thought what a lovely idea it would be to use actual rainwater! What better way to seal a captured moment of time and weather into my works?

After minutes of staring at my barely filled cup on the exposed ledge of my balcony, I figured that it was simply not efficient to collect rain in this manner. I hobbled downstairs, and put out my cup on the exposed concrete, where the biggest droplets of rain were falling. As I did this, I noticed that I was starting to draw attention from the group of construction workers who were sitting nearby on their lunch break. I must have looked really ridiculous to them, but everyone was too polite to ask me what I was doing.

Using a small rimmed cup is of course another inefficient method of collection, but I consoled myself that it means I could stand and really observe the falling rain and witness the chances at whether drops would either fall in or out of my cup.

As I stood there, more workers started to take notice of this strange girl and her cup in the rain. I tried not to be affected and stared intently at the cup, willing it to perhaps just fill a little faster.

After some time, the cup was merely half-full, and I discretely turned my attention back at the group of men around me. Some of their gazes are now fixated on the cup, and from the calm look on their faces, it struck me that watching the rain fall in this manner was almost like a meditative experience. A soothing respite from the hard work day. And then I became happy to have unintentionally created this opportunity for them.

The rain was coming to a close, and I picked up my three-quarters filled cup. What a precious cup of patience brewed at 26 degrees celsius in mid-day.

You can always tell when it is going to rain when there is a distinct scent in the air. You can also hear it coming as there will be a familiar rustling of the leaves as the wind intensifies. The colours of the sky confirms the forecast and I was really excited when I encountered the scent, the sounds and the colours today. I can collect rain again!

This time, I brought a large pail with me and set it on the concrete. Water filled fast and splotching sounds were louder. Looks like I can make many pieces with this bucket of 21st Aug rain brewed at 27 degrees celsius.