6 Months

Today marks the 6th month anniversary of Studio Asobi! My mind is filled with thanksgiving as I recall back to a year ago when I was about to start my stay-in studio pottery program in Japan. I was excited for a hundred and one reasons, but the idea of becoming a full-time potter with our own studio was not one of them. It was simply too far removed from reality and my imagination. I was merely a pilgrim on my sabbatical walk into the unknown.

As much as I wanted to see far ahead into the future, I could not see beyond the immediate day. My internal weather meter was capricious; switching between hazy and clear as it pleased.

I thank God, I thank my wonderful husband, and I thank all of you who have generously supported us in one way or another, because whatever we do would be a symphony played in an empty forest if there was no one there to share in the experience.

There are still many uncertainties ahead, but one thing I know is clear. If we can anchor ourselves to a singular worthy purpose, all roads will lead to Rome. There aren’t well marked or well paved roads we can follow, but we can travel light, hand in hand and venture boldly into new territories with uplifted spirits.

For what is life but a story waiting to unfold?

Picture: Raku Museum in Kyoto, 2014


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