Who We Are

We are an ordinary Singaporean couple who always wondered (and are still wondering) if there was more to life than what meets the eye.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

How wonderfully mysterious is this verse! It stirred up something deep within us and set us off in this path of exploration into the great unknown. From a hobby to spend quality time together, we soon fell in love with the beauty and versatility of this ancient art form, which is as old as the history of human civilisation. 

Nothing man-made can ever compare with the work of the Creator who made the heavens and the earth and all the amazing living things. Yet, there is something so special when enjoying an object made by hand over hours of dedicated work – this warm, spiritual connection with its maker that transcends the physical nature of the object. It not only blesses the recipient, but it also blesses the maker as it brings out the innate creative force that is residing in each of us.

How it all started – Huiwen took a sabbatical in 2013 and after a pilgrimage of discovery in Tajimi, one of Japan’s historical pottery towns, she decided to take a big step of faith to leave her comfortable corporate career to practice ceramics full-time in 2014. Trained in art and architecture, Kenneth has always held a special love for ceramic sculpture, and since joining Huiwen in this practice, now helps to chart Studio Asobi’s artistic direction. We are now joined by baby Tobie! Our first studio assistant.

“Asobi (遊び)” means “play” in Japanese. The Kanji word “遊” also translates to “journey” in Mandarin. We took to this name as we see life both as a journey of exploration, and also as a joyful adventure. It is our desire to embed this spirit of wonder and imagination into our work, and we lovingly name each vessel we create and weave in the dreamy beauty of haikus into our art. To share our love for this medium, we also run introductory pottery workshops from our cosy home studio.

To share the gratitude of life with the people around us, we pledge to donate 20% of our profits to local charity Mercy Centre, for their wonderful ministry towards the homeless in Singapore. We have also supported different causes through the years, and currently we are collaborating with Healthserve, which serves the injured migrant workers.

We can’t wait to find out where this adventure will continue to take us!



每一个人都在寻找着心中某一个目的地。又或许追求的是一种心境, 或某些答案。