studio asobi




” I made a request of two pieces of clay art for two of my friends and gave them a very tight deadline. Not only were they attentive to the requirements and but they also put a lot of heart into the art pieces and still made it on time for these personalised gifts. The thing that impresses me most, is really how they always drew their inspirations from God.

~ Choon Seng





studio asobi




This husband-and-wife team of artists behind Studio Asobi put their hearts and souls in creating beautiful, unique, thoughtful handmade pottery pieces. There is always something I like each time i visit their studio, and each piece has its own character,. It gives me incredible pleasure to serve food in handmade pottery, or even drink from a handcrafted cup on a daily basis. Simple pleasures in life!

~ Hermione Tay





Handmade cups


I requested Studio Asobi to create two sets of customised pottery for my bosses as thank you gifts based on their personal background. For my French boss with a family of five, they created a set of 5 cups of different height, which can be joined together forming the shape of a flower with 5 petals, symbolising unity, diversity and beauty. For my Chinese boss, they created a pair of white bowls with ripple patterns, with their family name engraved at the bottom. This symbolises the Chinese belief of “remembering the source when one drinks his water”. Pairing also means completeness and happiness in Chinese culture. I recommend Studio Aasobi for their thoughtful work, which demonstrates attention to customers’ desire. I also appreciate their brand of creativity, bold in playing shapes and texture yet staying simple with colors!!

~Larry Mok




studio asobi



I got a tea set from Studio Asobi and they personalized it to represent the union of me and wife. The idea was thoughtful and my wife loved it. I also did a short pottery workshop with Studio Asobi which was conducted in their home. The workshop was entertaining and enriching. I didn’t expect to be having fun with clay again 20 years later. There was a plethora of pottery items decorating their living room. It is interesting to see all the different types of accessories you can make with clay.

~ Winson Lin