At Studio Asobi, we want to go beyond making good art.

We also want to explore how we can give meaningfully through our pottery and teaching.

This is why on top of supporting various social causes over the years such as contributing a ceramic sculpture for Room to Read, and pottery vessels for Oxfam fundraising, we also pledge 20% of our profits on an on-going basis to support Mercy Centre’s Trolley Ministry – a group serving the homeless in Singapore with meals and friendships.

Living in this affluent city of ours, it is hard to imagine that there are still homeless people on the streets, but there are, camouflaged within the dark corners of our sanitised landscape. After joining the Trolley Ministry on one of their night runs, we were deeply moved by how they went beyond addressing physical needs, focusing instead on building loving relationships with those who have no one to turn to. We did not want to forget about the forgotten in society, and hence we wanted to do our part as well.

This year, we also decided to partner with Healthserve to do a monthly pottery workshop where we teach and make friends with injured migrant workers. We admire each of their tenacity to leave their families behind in search of a better life here in Singapore; often taking on huge debts to simply acquire an opportunity to work. Their predicaments are made more complex when they suffer from injuries and enter into compensation disputes, as they are unable to work and may be left in limbo for months on end. It is our hope that learning pottery adds some fun to their days and for the more interested participants, perhaps it may even lead to ideas for new business opportunities when they return home.

It is a great source of comfort and inspiration for us to know that every vessel we make, and every workshop we run contains a little blessing for someone in need, and all our patrons participate in this blessing too, creating a small but special bond of hope and love among all of us.

Life feels more beautiful when shared this way!