Asobi (遊び) means play.

Two hands playing with earth, water and flames. Handmade ceramics created with joy and love, each given a name.

遊 is to wander.

Two hands on an adventure to a faraway place. Each vessel a journey, there and back again.

Happiness is multiplied when shared.

Each vessel we make contains a little blessing for someone in need through our 20% giving pledge, and everyone who buys one helps bless that someone too.

About Studio Asobi’s Works:

As a potter, I am grateful for every opportunity to hold these pieces of clay in my hands – formless still but each filled with potential – and lovingly mould them into something beautiful and unique, just as God formed us all out of the dust of this Earth.

We have limited edition pieces, each given a name and sometimes a haiku too, when the inspiration springs forth.

We also had the privilege to create commissioned works, to bless a special occasion, or a special corner of the home, and these are featured on our Blog page. We are also excited to bring to you a new series of works, <Under the Skin>.

If you would like to purchase any of the items or to discuss a project or commission works, we would be happy to discuss further with you:) We can be reached at or +65-6656-3008.

Product photography by Studio Asobi & Samuel Wong & Rebecca Toh