This evolved out of a tall cylinder I was throwing for practice. The shape may look common as factories can churn out thousands easily using a pre-cast mold, but making it by hand takes hours of practice to achieve as its not easy to control the soft thin clay that often listens more to gravity that the potter’s coaxing. Having fingers that are gradually becoming better listeners to clay is filling me with joy! Happy Friday, folks!

wheel throwing

Trim away

Sometimes I am surprised by how much clay I have to trim away before the vessel can look like how it is in my mind. It makes me think about my own life – how much unnecessary junk am I carrying around that could and should be thrown away?

Happy Thursday, the weekend is coming!


Rain to Make Art

On 15th Aug, I made my first attempt at collecting rain. Water is essential to making pottery and I thought what a lovely idea it would be to use actual rainwater! What better way to seal a captured moment of time and weather into my works?

After minutes of staring at my barely filled cup on the exposed ledge of my balcony, I figured that it was simply not efficient to collect rain in this manner.

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