Right about now, some staff and volunteers of Mercy Centre would be gathering to head to 3 locations where they know they would find the homeless uncles and aunties who have become familiar faces and friends to them. They would bring along biscuits, flasks of hot milo, some medicated strips and ointments, as they go through their weekly routes to visit each of them.

Some of these homeless uncles and aunties would be tired out from a day of work while others would bear a weariness from their multiple health issues. The cold bench is their home for months or even years now.

The first time when we joined the visit runs, we were shocked at the number of uncles and aunties who have to live this way on the streets. Problems have a way of multiplying and there are often no easy solutions.

Along with the staff and volunteers, we can only do our little part to serve them some drinks and biscuits, chat with them and help out with things where we can. On special occasions like Christmas or Chinese New Year, the uncles and aunties are invited to a party where they are the guests to a feast of food and fellowship.

We were very touched by how Mercy Centre reaches out to the poor and forgotten in society with sincerity and friendship, and so we decided to contribute financially to them when we were looking at which local cause to support as part of our giving philosophy.

Donating 20% of proceeds on an ongoing basis is a huge sum to us. Honestly, it was a big struggle during the decision stage as we were not even sure if we would be financially sustainable ourselves.

However, we decided to give because of the grace we have received in our own lives. Through no merit of ours, we have been given a lot and it is our way of thanksgiving to God, whom we know also has a heart for these uncles and aunties.

Just want to thank all of you as your purchases and encouragement have helped to contribute towards this wonderful work. It is a very nice feeling to know we are doing this together! So, on behalf of Mercy Centre and ourselves, thank you! :)

Charity giving through art

After months of exploration and reflection, we are really excited to finally reveal the charity we will be supporting – Mercy Centre’s Trolley Ministry! Mercy Centre is a local charity, and their Trolley Ministry is an outreach serving the homeless in Singapore.

Living in this affluent city of ours, it is hard to imagine that there are still homeless people on the streets, but there are, many of them – camouflaged within the dark, hidden corners of our sanitised urban landscape. After joining the Trolley Ministry on one of their “night runs” to bring food and friendship to the homeless, we found ourselves deeply moved by how the staff and volunteers went beyond addressing physical needs, focusing instead on building loving relationships with those who have no one to turn to.

To the founders of the Trolley Ministry, food is more than sustenance – it is a means by which people can connect and share their love for one another. This is how we view pottery too – each vessel embedded with love, hope and peace, connecting the makers and users together in spirit. We hope that our works will be a little blessing in your homes, and we’re happy to say that with every vessel you buy, you will join us in being that little blessing to those in our country who have no home to call their own.

Beyond pledging 20% of our profits to the Trolley Ministry, we’ve also been volunteering with them and slowly getting to know the homeless friends we’ve had the privilege of meeting. If you would like to find out more about the Trolley Ministry or join in for the trolley runs, do drop us a quick note and we’ll get back to you!

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Charity giving through art