At Studio Asobi, we want to go beyond making good art.

As we consider the needs that have come to our attention, we have decided to change the way we give as a studio.

Previously from the beginning of our studio in 2014, we have been pledging a percentage of our proceeds to Mercy Centre’s Trolley Ministry, and supporting various causes such as Room to Read and Oxfam on an ad-hoc basis. Presently, we find that there are causes we want to support by using our pottery teaching skills.

Since Oct 2018, we have been partnering with Healthserve to host a monthly volunteer workshop where we teach pottery and make friends with injured migrant workers.

We admire each of their tenacity to leave their families behind in search of a better life here in Singapore; often taking on huge debts to simply acquire an opportunity to work. Their predicaments are made more complex when they suffer from injuries and enter into compensation disputes, as they are unable to work and may be left in limbo for months on end.

It is our hope that learning pottery adds some fun to their days and for the more interested participants, perhaps it may even lead to ideas for new business opportunities when they return home!

These plans unfortunately came to a stop due to the COVID-19 situation and we have now taken another step of faith to provide part-time employment for pregnant ladies and young mothers in need. This is our way of doing something for ladies who otherwise may find it hard to find employment opportunities while dealing with financial burdens.