Asobi (遊び) means play.

Two hands playing with earth, water and flames. Handmade ceramics created with joy and love, each given a name.

遊 is to wander.

Two hands on an adventure to a faraway place. Each vessel a journey, there and back again.


About Studio Asobi‘s Works:

As a potter, I am grateful for every opportunity to hold these pieces of clay in my hands – formless still but each filled with potential – and lovingly mould them into something beautiful and unique, just as God formed us all out of the dust of this Earth.

We have limited edition pieces, each given a name and sometimes a haiku too, when the inspiration springs forth.

We also had the privilege to create commissioned works, to bless a special occasion, or a special corner of the home, and some of them are featured under our Portfolio section, with more recent works and ongoing updates as well as on our Instagram page.

We also offer pottery classes to those interested to learn how to make your own vessel, as well as teach those in need.

If you would like to purchase any of the items or to discuss a project or commission works, we would be happy to discuss further with you:) We can be reached at or +65-6656-3008.

Product photography by Studio Asobi & Samuel Wong & Rebecca Toh