Perfect for Personalised Gifts in Singapore

In light of the environmental crisis, we need to be more intentional in the way we consume as a society. One of the ways we counteract the throwaway culture is to make beautiful pottery. These personalised gifts are more likely to be used and treasured for a long time. Be it for loved ones, valued corporate clients or used to extend hospitality, they can be customised to different needs. 


Customised Works by Studio Asobi:

We give our creations a name and a haiku, when the inspiration springs forth. Apart from personalised gifts for individuals and restaurant projects, we have also made premium corporate gifts for VIPs. In addition, we have also created larger ceramic sculptures for auction events and permanent public art installations.

As potters, we are grateful for every opportunity to hold these pieces of clay in our hands. Formless but each filled with potential; just as God formed us all out of the dust of this Earth.

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Make Something Unique of Your Own

If the images inspire you to make something, we also offer a one day pottery workshop for individuals or corporates as well as a regular pottery class. As part of our giving philosophy, we also teach those in need through our partnership with Healthserve for the injured migrant brothers.

If you would like to purchase or to discuss a project, we would be happy to discuss further with you:) You can email or call +65-66563008.

Product photography by Studio Asobi & Samuel Wong & Rebecca Toh