Community Art Installation in Singapore

Making Our Mark is a community art project co-created by ceramic artists Studio Asobi and the people of Hougang. This project was one of the winners for the inaugural POSB Storytellers Grant 2015 competition. The community art aspects and stories were exhibited around Singapore at the national library locations in Chinatown, Jurong and Cheng San. The mural is currently permanently installed at the entrance of the park in Hougang Ave 5. This was the first time we had taken on a project of this scale as we were potters making smaller vessels for individuals and corporates

A community’s spirit is often an elusive, intangible aura that is hard to describe or pinpoint. Yet it is very real, and particularly evident in the close-knit community of Hougang, a humble heartland of Singapore where neighbours greet one another with smiles, care for one another, and grow old together. Through inviting members of the community to make their unique marks on colourful mosaic clay tiles, Studio Asobi found many opportunities to collect little gems of memories from the people of Hougang. Pieced together, the clay tiles form the image of a flourishing tembusu tree, celebrating the beautiful spirit of Hougang and the unique marks that we all make in the lives of those around us. We hope that the project will inspire more people across Singapore to also tell their own community stories through art!


studio asobi making our mark

It Started As A Seed

Making Our Mark0657

Ever since we moved into Hougang four years ago after getting married, we have been constantly moved by the warmth and love among the residents in this old housing estate. Neighbours greeted one another with smiles; parents stopped to chat with one another while their children played together. Our old garang guni uncle gave us some of his precious flower pots, and our next door neighbour helped us water them while we were overseas.

We saw this everywhere we went, and slowly discovered that this humble heartland had a very unique and lovely soul.  It planted a seed in us – it made us want to find out more about the people around us, to hear their stories and experience this aura that bound people together so tightly. And we wanted so much to share this with everyone in Hougang, everyone in Singapore.

When we heard about the POSB Storytellers Grant, we were delighted to finally have this opportunity to tell the story of Hougang’s community with our ceramic art, and to meet all the wonderful people here. We thought, why not get everyone to come together to do some art, and use this chance to hear everyone’s stories and see for ourselves just how real this Hougang spirit is?


Sprouting Leaves





Growing and Growing




The Beautiful Tree

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