This has been one of the most fulfilling collaborations we have done to date – designing and creating a handmade ceramics tableware series for Whitegrass restaurant titled <Streams of Living Waters>:

Streams Of Living Water

Let your roots go down

Drink from streams that never cease

All who are thirsty

Created in collaboration with acclaimed Australian chef Sam Aisbett for Whitegrass Restaurant which is located at Chijmes in Singapore, this series has been for us a wonderful and spiritual discovery of nature’s beauty. From thirsty baobabs; to mushrooms blooming after the rain; to swaying blades of white grass, each creation tells a story of nature’s poetic relationship with water – the giver and sustainer of life. And in a similar way, each is a personal reminder of our relationship with the Water of Life.

What a blessing it has been to work with this young and immensely talented chef, to witness such dedication, artistry, and playfulness all at the same time. Thank you Sam and Annette for your love!

Photography: Jeff Tan