This evolved out of a tall cylinder I was throwing for practice. The shape may look common as factories can churn out thousands easily using a pre-cast mold, but making it by hand takes hours of practice to achieve as its not easy to control the soft thin clay that often listens more to gravity that the potter’s coaxing. Having fingers that are gradually becoming better listeners to clay is filling me with joy! Happy Friday, folks!

wheel throwing

Group Pottery Workshop

What a blessing to be able to share the joy of creation with 82 wonderful teachers and health professionals from Grace Orchard School at a group pottery workshop:) Our first time working with such a large group for team building, but seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces makes all the hard work worth it!

Really inspired too and humbled by what Grace Orchard School is doing to bring education to the special needs children in Singapore. Honored to be a part of their staff development session today!

Pottery workshop

Pottery workshop

Pottery workshop

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Pinch pot

Often my mind drifts and thinks about things as I work on clay. Yet at the same time, there is also a dialogue going on with the clay as I pinch or pull, scrap or cut.

Clay is a medium with its own limits, colours and personalities. Sometimes like today, it shows me where it wants to go. And I just follow.

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Backpack Singapore at Pottery Workshop

Thank you Backpack Singapore for your feature story on Studio Asobi! It’s really great that you guys are putting together all these interesting things of Singapore for those who wish to discover more:) Glad you all had fun playing with clay at our pottery workshop and what a pretty piece Daniel made!


The Crossroads of Should and Must

This isn’t my story, but I had to choose between “should” and “must” when I decided on a complete career switch into ceramics too. Of course, there are always going to be fears and doubts, and the possibility of making a complete mess and failure.

However, I did not want to take the bigger risk – of not ever trying and having regrets at the end that I played it too safe and missed all the colours and rainbows of life.

Hope this article will be an encouragement and inspiration for you as you answer this question – “What is it that you really want to do?”

Carpe diem and happy mid-week!

Trim away

Sometimes I am surprised by how much clay I have to trim away before the vessel can look like how it is in my mind. It makes me think about my own life – how much unnecessary junk am I carrying around that could and should be thrown away?

Happy Thursday, the weekend is coming!