Be Movement’s Pop-up Store

Really grateful and excited to be part of Be Movement’s 6-month pop-up store at Liang Court! Starting from April 1st, you can find our works at #01-20 (opposite Tampopo), including our latest series <Under the Skin> :)

Be Movement aims to connect and inspire people to be who they are meant to be. Apart from their socially conscious publication, they curate creative and unique social or independent enterprises to showcase their products or services in their physical store.

Do come by, and tell your friends about us!

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Be movement pop-up

6 Months

Today marks the 6th month anniversary of Studio Asobi! My mind is filled with thanksgiving as I recall back to a year ago when I was about to start my stay-in studio pottery program in Japan. I was excited for a hundred and one reasons, but the idea of becoming a full-time potter with our own studio was not one of them. It was simply too far removed from reality and my imagination. I was merely a pilgrim on my sabbatical walk into the unknown.

As much as I wanted to see far ahead into the future, I could not see beyond the immediate day. My internal weather meter was capricious; switching between hazy and clear as it pleased.

I thank God, I thank my wonderful husband, and I thank all of you who have generously supported us in one way or another, because whatever we do would be a symphony played in an empty forest if there was no one there to share in the experience.

There are still many uncertainties ahead, but one thing I know is clear. If we can anchor ourselves to a singular worthy purpose, all roads will lead to Rome. There aren’t well marked or well paved roads we can follow, but we can travel light, hand in hand and venture boldly into new territories with uplifted spirits.

For what is life but a story waiting to unfold?

Picture: Raku Museum in Kyoto, 2014


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Corporate Workshop

Slowing down a little not only gives us happiness but also gives us a chance to bond with our friends! Yesterday at our first corporate workshop, we hosted a team from Amex who took time off from their busy schedules to have fun together and refresh themselves with some clay therapy. As our minds relax, our creative souls start to surface, and this can be seen from all the wonderful little masterpieces that emerged!


Corporate workshop Corporate workshop

There is a space between the past and the future where all possibilities lie – do you linger and look back, or choose to take off your old shoes and step into the unknown?



Pottery Workshop Singapore

We love running pottery workshops because we always meet interesting new friends and they in turn inspire us with their creativity! Watching the participants pinch their way to express what is beauty in their hearts is always such a joy.

While some of the amazing designs we saw yesterday were intentional, others emerged from little accidents along the way :) Isn’t that what life is all about? Sometimes we row the boat, sometimes life carries us along, like a dream.

We are happy you all had lots of fun and got your hands dirty while trying out the electric wheel. Looking forward to fire up each of your creations and seeing you all again!


Pottery workshopPottery workshop  Pottery workshop Pottery workshop Pottery workshopPottery workshop 

Customised Gift: Two Hearts Beating As One

Do you ever find it difficult to get a gift for someone special? I had the lovely opportunity to work with L who wanted to give her boyfriend a nice Christmas present under the Northern Lights. After brainstorming on ideas together, L came up with the name 星星相印, which is a play on the Chinese idiom that means two hearts beating as one. Those four words inspired this aroma oil burner that holds 2 tea lights, each shining out like stars under the night sky, two flames igniting together in love.

星星相印 星星相印



Charity giving through art

After months of exploration and reflection, we are really excited to finally reveal the charity we will be supporting – Mercy Centre’s Trolley Ministry! Mercy Centre is a local charity, and their Trolley Ministry is an outreach serving the homeless in Singapore.

Living in this affluent city of ours, it is hard to imagine that there are still homeless people on the streets, but there are, many of them – camouflaged within the dark, hidden corners of our sanitised urban landscape. After joining the Trolley Ministry on one of their “night runs” to bring food and friendship to the homeless, we found ourselves deeply moved by how the staff and volunteers went beyond addressing physical needs, focusing instead on building loving relationships with those who have no one to turn to.

To the founders of the Trolley Ministry, food is more than sustenance – it is a means by which people can connect and share their love for one another. This is how we view pottery too – each vessel embedded with love, hope and peace, connecting the makers and users together in spirit. We hope that our works will be a little blessing in your homes, and we’re happy to say that with every vessel you buy, you will join us in being that little blessing to those in our country who have no home to call their own.

Beyond pledging 20% of our profits to the Trolley Ministry, we’ve also been volunteering with them and slowly getting to know the homeless friends we’ve had the privilege of meeting. If you would like to find out more about the Trolley Ministry or join in for the trolley runs, do drop us a quick note and we’ll get back to you!

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Charity giving through art

Meaning of Asobi



Asobi (遊び) means play in Japanese. It also means journey or to wander in Mandarin. The pictorial form of this character 遊 depicts a journey (巡行) with a flag (旗)and a student (学子). It represents how people used to go on boat journeys to observe and learn from different places in the olden days. It is interesting how it came to embody an element of play when the character is incorporated into the Japanese language. Perhaps this is indicative of how journeys are inherently fun by nature!

I have always been a fan of Chinese Calligraphy as there is a certain spirit imbued within the moment of writing, which is captured on paper with ink. The thought of trying out calligraphy has been swirling in my mind for some time and I finally got hold of some paper, ink and brush yesterday. What I felt at the moment, I transferred to my brush. In many ways, it is like how I work with clay. I find it easiest to create when I immerse myself into the moment when it is just me and the way the clay is responding to my hands.

I have not taken any lessons in calligraphy and hence the writing is raw. I decided to give it a go nonetheless, because this is what asobi is about to me – to have a free spirit of experimentation and not be daunted by the unknown. Like the ancient student sitting on the boat going on a voyage of learning, it is exciting to find our way in this world and to choose where to dock.

2014 is coming to an end, and a new beginning awaits in 2015. May you continue to enjoy your personal voyage through life!

Wood Firing in Dragon Kiln

There is something mystical that happens in the belly of the dragon as it swallows wood after wood to feed its hunger. The flames climb high into the night and they lick and whisper into the pots as they exchange their smother for colours. As a potter, you can only surrender the last touches of the creation to nature and be at rest with what emerges from the test of fire.

Yet, all of these cannot happen without the hard work of people who continually feed the dragon to satisfy its appetite, well deep into the night. Special thanks goes to Mr Lim, Kwok Sun and students at Ceramic House, as well as organisers of the recent Awaken the Dragon festival. Thank you for making this possible!

Wood Firing Wood Firing Wood Firing