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We are a husband and wife team of local potters discovering if there is a different way to live life where our days can be filled with the joy of love and creativity! Apart from teaching pottery classes in Singapore, we also create handmade ceramic art pieces and functional pottery wares.

National Integration Council | Fired Up to Do Good

…Huiwen and Kenneth are the duo behind Studio Asobi, a home-grown pottery studio. Since October 2018, the couple has been conducting monthly two-hour ceramic workshops for injured migrant workers on a pro-bono basis. These workshops are held in partnership with HealthServe, a major non-governmental organisation that helps foreign workers in Singapore…

Digital Senior |11 pottery classes in Singapore you can sink your hands into

Opened and run by a husband-and-wife team, Studio Asobi is an artisanal ceramics studio founded after a hobby in ceramics turned into a passion. Their introductory workshops are ran out of their home studio, where participants get to fashion a planter/bowl/cup out of clay through handbuilding (and get to try out the electric wheel!) |20 Mar 2019 Has your life been shaped by a higher standard? 

…During the first few months, as I searched in vain for direction, I struggled to respond to well-meaning relatives and friends who were concerned about me taking such a long and seemingly unproductive break. I struggled too with my identity – who was I without a job, a name card and a regular pay cheque?…

City Nomads | 07 Nov 2017 The Potter’s Wheel: Pottery Classes in Singapore

Take a step out of the busy working life and head to Studio Asobi for a cosy pottery session. Located within owners Lee Huiwen and Kenneth Chua’s home studio, workshops are held for you to get acquainted with the basics and make your own pieces with through hand-building and the potter’s wheel. And if you’re a seasoned ceramist, don’t worry about going slow – past participants can head down for open sessions, with both owners on hand to help if necessary.

Tally Press | 20 Oct 2017 Top 10 Ceramic Studios in Singapore pottery

Studio Asobi was founded by a husband and wife team – Huiwen and Kenneth, who are also ceramic artists. Pottery began as a hobby for them, but eventually became more than that. Their artworks reflect their faith, love, hope and even struggles. They also conduct introductory ceramics workshops (singapore pottery classes) from their home studio.

Michelin Guide Singapore | 21 Sep 2017 Beyond The Table: Huiwen and Kenneth Lau of Studio Asobi

Every chef knows that his work is only ever as good as the ingredients and tools he works with. Our Beyond the Table video series takes you beyond the pomp and grandeur of the restaurant dining room and into the lives of local farmers and kitchen artisans – the ones who toil quietly at their craft to help make your dining experience complete.

星期二特写:钟声响起 15 Aug 2017 Tuesday Report : When The Bell Rings – EP5

With a history spanning over 84 years, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School is the only Chinese medium school under the CHIJ (Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus) family. Having gone through the years when Chinese medium schools were not so well looked upon, St. Nicholas has today become one of the SAP (Special Assistance Plan) schools, cultivating many generations of bilingual women. 已有84年历史的圣尼各拉女校,是圣婴修道院属下的唯一华校。经历过当初华校不被看好的年代,今天的圣尼各拉是特选中学之一,培育出双语兼通的女性。不同年代的校友如刘心玲、孙雪玲,分别在市区和宏茂桥的校园度过少女时代,对学校有怎样的记忆、是否仍秉持姐妹同心的情怀?

Wine & Dine | July 2016 New Beginnings

studio asobi studio asobi

Elle Decor India | June 2016 The Best Installations SingaPlural

SingaPlural 2016

Pick Junction | June 2016 Huiwen & Kenneth, Studio Asobi

“…We see life both as a spiritual journey of exploration, and also as a joyful adventure, and our decision to become potters is a big part of this adventure we are embarking on as a couple. We also want to embed this spirit of a playful journey into our work, lovingly naming each vessel we create and weaving in the dreamy beauty of haikus into our art. We create our ceramic art as a reflection of our spiritual journey of faith, using clay to express our love, our hope, and our struggles. We also run introductory ceramics workshops (singapore pottery classes) from our cosy home studio.”

Chestnut | June 2016 Clay with a conscience

“… we left our corporate careers to experiment and live out a key question – is there an alternative way to live life in a busy city like Singapore that is filled with inner peace and joy?”

The General Co | May 2016 Huiwen & Kenneth, founders of Studio Asobi 

Tell us about your workshops. #singapore pottery

K: While [workshops] give us steady income, it is also a platform to share our joy. Usually when the guys come to our workshops, they don’t have a choice. The girlfriends bring them here. The guys start off by being very quiet, but in the three hours, they can go from being very skeptical to really enjoying the process. I will then imagine that perhaps they will be thankful to their partners for bringing them here. These things can do wonders for relationships. I love it when people don’t want to go home. We hope to touch people, but my expectations are very low. If I can connect with just one person, I would be very happy. These things keep us going.

HW: Pottery is very relaxing, but it is also a very focused task. When people come, they spend three hours here without touching their phones, because their hands get dirty. In our hectic lifestyles, we are constantly bombarded with information, you rarely have time to not speak and reflect, or calm your mind down.

K: There is also a co-creation aspect. The participants make their pieces and choose the glazes. Due to logistical reasons, we will glaze the pieces for them. When you open the kiln, there is a feeling of ‘is it going to turn out well?’ When it is our own pieces, we are not so afraid because we can always do it again!”


Sassy Mama SG | May 2016 Five Easy Design Tricks to Reinvigorate Your Home

“…A beautifully plated meal, a well set table and sparkling glasses can whet your appetite as much as the food itself. For instance, these quirky mushroom-like dishes could hold salt, pepper or butter while adding that extra something to your dinner table. The organic form of the clay work blends with its function as a carrier of food allowing the diners to truly experience nature.”

I M E H L Y | April 2016 Studio Asobi

“…The art of creating unique vessels out of clay holds a special place in their hearts as it reminds them of God as their Creator. Through sculpting pottery, they are able to share their life journey and make a difference in the local community by donating 20% of their profits to the local charity Mercy Centre, an organisation which aims to assist the homeless in Singapore…”

Straits Times | March 2016 Fired Up by Pottery

“…Ms Lee Huiwen, 34, co-founder of one-year-old Studio Asobi, says clay is a very “forgiving” medium, as things do not “have to be perfect to look good”. She notes that a creation with a crooked handle or asymmetric proportions can look even more personalised. Ms Lim and Ms Lee are examples of young potters who are making a living out of ceramic art. Ms Lee left a career in business development to pursue what was a hobby, before setting up her studio. Her husband, Mr Kenneth Lau, 33, has always loved pottery. He quit his job as an architect this month to join her full time…”

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Business Times | March 2016 Accent on Design

studio asobi

The Interior Directory | March 2016 I feel the clouds singing and dancing

“…As a departure from the conventional presentation of fragile ceramics, with over four thousand handmade pieces of un-glazed white stoneware delicately positioned on flexible rattan sticks, Studio Asobi designed a cloud-scape that visitors could wander into and engage with, running their hands playfully over the ceramic pieces and listening to their tinkling sounds as they bounced gently against one another…”

Business Times | March 2016 Design, front and centre

“…One such installation is I Feel The Clouds Singing by Studio Asobi, a local ceramic studio. Ceramic artists Lee Huiwen and Kenneth Lau are using rattan and clay to create an interactive cloud-scape installation. Visitors are encouraged to run their fingers over the clay pieces.

“We hope to draw our visitors away from the hustle and bustle of life and invite them to imagine what it might be like to walk among clouds, to be able to touch them and feel them and hear their whispers,” says Ms Lee, a first-time Singaplural participant. “Hopefully, this installation will encourage our visitors to pay more attention to the beauty and wonder of nature that is all around us, even in this urbanised environment.”

studio asobi

Simply Her | March 2016 5 reasons to visit the SingaPlural 2016 exhibition

“Play with clouds: Ceramic artists Huiwen and Kenneth created little ceramic discs in the shape of clouds and created a field of them on rattan sticks. Walk through the exhibition, run your hands through the field of clouds and you’ll hear the tinkling of wind chimes.”

Home & Decor Singapore | March 2016 6 cool installations to experience at SingaPlural 2016

“I Feel the Clouds Singing By Studio Asobi: Forget what you know about porcelain. The material is not as delicate as you think. Combining the materials of clay and rattan, ceramic artists Huiwen and Kenneth from Studio Asobi has created an interatcive cloud-scape that proves to you clay is actually quite hardy – and it can sing! Run your fingers through the cloud-scape, and hear it for yourself.”

Business Times Singapore | February 2016 Spruce up your abode

studio asobi

Lo-Fi Magazine | November 2015 Lo Fi Artist Feature – Studio Asobi


Home & Decor Magazine | August 2015

Studio Asobi

Today Newspaper | Aug 5 2015


The Conceptual Store: Jul 1 2015 Beyond Making Good Art (Soulful Ceramics) 

…Where do you draw your design inspiration from?

Did you know that there is a biblical analogy of God being the Potter while we humans are the clay? :) Our faith inspires us to look at our world with a different set of lenses and to be more keenly aware and sensitive to the natural beauty that is found around us, as well as the goodness and ideals that God had intended humans to experience. From the trees, to the birds, to flowers to mountains, everything beautiful is a source of inspiration!

Backpack SG: May 29 2015 Asobi: Living Playing Pottery (singapore pottery classes)

…For participants, it is a very welcoming environment you find yourself in as Huiwen and Kenneth takes effort in settling everyone down. Huiwen begins the session with a brief introduction and history, both of the couple and of pottery. And you are given a better understanding of the art, as well as insights into the local pottery scene…

Business Times | Nov 22-23 2014

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