Pottery Class in Singapore

When we started learning pottery ourselves, we desired to go beyond merely learning techniques to understanding the heart and philosophy of pottery making. This is why Huiwen went to Japan during her sabbatical to immerse herself in their culture of craftsmanship and to take pottery lessons with a master Japanese sensei.

Returning to Singapore, we continued to hone our skills with a master potter in Singapore – Mr Lim Kim Hui. His passion for this art form has taught us not only to craft beautiful works, but to take pleasure in the wonderful process of creation. Now, as we in turn share this love for pottery through our workshops and classes, we are delighted to have found a community of kindred spirits, enjoying each other’s company as well as this amazing craft. It is our hope that our home studio can offer a peaceful respite from the bustle of city life, and a refreshment for the soul!


Singapore Potter


Stage 1 – Hand-building (4 sessions x 2.5 hours): S$240

Stage 2 – Manual Wheel (5 sessions x 2.5 hours): S$300

Stage 3 – Electric Wheel (10 sessions x 2.5 hours): S$600

Each session is 2.5 hours long, and where our schedule permits, it is possible to combine sessions.

The hand-building and manual wheel sessions equip you with foundational skills to express yourself confidently with clay. Upon completion, you would be able to create on your own, in the comfort of your home. Electric Wheel throwing is a more complex skill to master, and therefore more sessions are allocated for you to hone your skills.

For an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, it is recommended to progress from Stage 1 to 3, and to complete each stage within 4 months. Material/firing cost are separately calculated based on S$3 per 100g (weight of greenware before drying, glazing and firing).

Note: With Singapore’s COVID-19 measures, it has an impact on our class size and hence unfortunately we have to pause the intake of new regular students (possibly till 1H2021) as we have capacity limitations. Sorry about that! 




A. Can I start with the wheel segment without going through the hand-building segment?

At first glance, the wheel may seem more fun than hand-building. However, over the years we have found that learning hand-building not only equips students with important skills to handle the pottery wheel, but also allows a greater freedom of expression for beginners. This is why we believe in starting everyone off with hand-building, for a more enjoyable and meaningful learning experience!

However, if you have significant prior experience with pottery, we are happy to discuss how we can customise the learning process for you.


B. Do I have to start on a certain date and attend the lesson every week?

You can start anytime you wish, based on our available time slots. You can also progress at your own pace and availability, without having to attend consecutive sessions. For our regular students, we have a WhatsApp group where we provide updates on available slots each week, as well as a shared Google Sheets for you to sign up.

Weekday Session: Wednesday or Thursday 10am – 12:30pm

Weekend Session: Saturday 3pm – 5:30pm


C. What are the next steps if I wish to sign up?

Please contact Huiwen by email (huiwen@studioasobi.com) and let us know when you would like to start! We are located at Blk 705 Hougang Ave 2 #02-265 Singapore 530705. Nearest MRT Station: Kovan.


About Us – Kenneth & Huiwen:

Like many others, we were a regular couple in Singapore looking for an interesting hobby to spend quality time together. But little did we know that we would turn into full-time potters! The meaning of Asobi (遊び)is “play” in Japanese and 遊 means journey in Chinese. 遊び心 (asobi kokoro) also means having an open heart. It has been such a wonderful life experiment for us over the past 5 years since we left our corporate careers, and the road ahead is still unfolding as we take each step:)

Apart from teaching the regular class, we also run introductory pottery workshops and spend time making new creations, as well as sculptures and art installations.

One of the things we really enjoy about our journey is meeting wonderful new people at our home studio, and the lovely conversations that flow as we play with clay together in our pottery workshop. Living in the midst of this bustling urban jungle, it can be difficult to find the space for our creative selves to emerge, and the pressures of this world often quench our spirits, keeping us on a constant treadmill of busyness. We would like to invite you to unplug from the bustle of life for a short while, slow down your thoughts and connect with your inner child.

We believe that every human being has an innate desire and capacity to create. And we love experiencing with our guests the great satisfaction of seeing beautiful vessels emerge from their bare hands – even for those who didn’t believe they were any good in art! We look forward to having you at our pottery class:)

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