Discover the Beautiful Craft of Pottery

Looking for fun indoor things to do in Singapore on a weekday or weekend? Come and learn how to make your own pottery – a fun, relaxing and therapeutic activity:)

Tailored for beginners with no prior experience, our pottery class covers an overview of pottery making and teach you handbuilding and coiling techniques so that you can create your own unique cup/bowl/planter in a single session. In addition, you will learn how to form attachments such as handles, and decorative techniques. It also includes trying out the electric pottery wheel which is very interesting! Collection of the fired pottery would be 2-3 weeks after the workshop.

Each month we also run a pottery-themed spiritual retreat, if you are interested in taking time to intimately experience God’s truth and grace while shaping your own unique vessel from the clay.

Pottery workshop in Singapore

Special Announcements

  • As we are a home studio, we can host up to a maximum of 8 participants per day during Singapore’s Phase 3.
  • We are only open for workshops on scheduled dates listed below.
  • We have adequate safe distancing measures and each participant will also undergo a temperature check and fill out a health & declaration form (please click on the link to read the questions before booking/attending)
  • We have 2 cats and we hope you are ok with them around:)

Availability of Upcoming Pottery Class ($90/pax, 3 hours): 

May – June: Fully reserved before our studio break in the second half of the year

If you are looking for Pottery Retreat dates, please head over here:)



To Book / Waitlist:

  1. Email (including all the participant names and a contact number) to make booking enquiries, or to be added to the waitlist (please state the particular day/dates) should there be new slots that open up:)
  2. Once the availability of the slots are confirmed, payment is to be made within 1 day to complete the booking. Cancellation or rescheduling is allowed with advance notice of 3 days or more; otherwise full charges will apply.
  3. You can also follow our Facebook / Instagram page for Story Updates of last minute (i.e. 1-3 days before workshop date) opening up of slots (e.g. when someone reschedules). 



A. What do I get to create in this class?

You will be guided to create your own unique vessel using hand-building and coiling techniques. Be it a cup, bowl, or small vase, it is all up to your imagination! In addition, you will experience a short hands-on trial on the electric wheel.

B. Will I get to paint my creation?

The colours you see on ceramic vessels are glazes, that can usually only be applied after the clay is dried and fired once. For our single session classes, you can choose from several glaze colours and we will apply them for you after your session.

C. When will my creation be ready for use?

You can collect your completed creation from our studio approximately 2-3 weeks after your session. This gives your clay vessel time to dry, before being glazed and fired.

D. Does the class fee ($90) include materials costs?

This fee includes all the costs of materials, glazing and firing of your hand-built vessel based on our standard sizing. For the electric wheel hands-on trial, some participants have asked to keep the small teacup that they make – if you would like that, we can glaze and fire it for you for $10. If you would like to increase the size and/or number of vessels made, do let us know in advance so that we can advise on the estimated additional costs.

E. What is the class size?

Under Phase 3, our max class size would be 8 participants, with adequate safe distancing measures. You can sign up as an individual, couple or small group, and we will accommodate you as long as there are available slots. Our cosy home studio provides a conducive environment whether you are looking for a quiet and intimate experience with loved ones, or a fun and interactive session with new friends.

F. Can I book a private session?

As our class size is 8 pax, the fee would be $720 (8 pax x $90). Our seating arrangement is spilt into 2 tables of 4 pax (or each table can also accommodate up to 6 pax), so if you have a smaller group, you may not need to book out the whole session as you can have your own private table:)

G. Do you run children classes?

We do not have pottery lessons specifically for children, and our workshop content is tailored more for adults. You may wish to explore other children art/pottery studios for more relevant content:)

H. What are the next steps if I wish to sign up?

Please contact Huiwen via email (! We are located at Blk 705 Hougang Ave 2 #02-265 Singapore 530705. Nearest MRT Station: Kovan.

You can also follow our updates on Facebook or Instagram :)

About Us – Kenneth & Huiwen:

Like many others, we were a regular couple in Singapore looking for an interesting hobby to spend quality time together. But little did we know that we would turn into full-time potters! The meaning of Asobi (遊び)is “play” in Japanese and 遊 means journey in Chinese. 遊び心 (asobi kokoro) also means having an open heart. It has been such a wonderful life experiment for us over the past 5 years since we left our corporate careers, and the road ahead is still unfolding as we take each step:)

Apart from teaching, we also spend time making new creations, as well as sculptures and art installations.

One of the things we really enjoy about our journey is meeting wonderful new people at our home studio, and the lovely conversations that flow as we play with clay together in our pottery workshop. Living in the midst of this bustling urban jungle, it can be difficult to find the space for our creative selves to emerge, and the pressures of this world often quench our spirits, keeping us on a constant treadmill of busyness. We would like to invite you to unplug from the bustle of life for a short while, slow down your thoughts and connect with your inner child.

We believe that every human being has an innate desire and capacity to create. And we love experiencing with our guests the great satisfaction of seeing beautiful vessels emerge from their bare hands – even for those who didn’t believe they were any good in art! We look forward to having you at our pottery class:)