In our fast-paced world, we often rush from one task to another, missing the chance to bond with one another in the team and to figure out where we are heading together. This is why rest and fun is so important, for they restore and re-energise us.

Childhood is often the most creative period of our lives, but as adults we gradually forget the artist inside us! This is why pottery is so exciting, for its re-ignites our imaginations and frees us from our mental boundaries. Its benefits for wellness have also been widely documented.

Our cosy home studio is ideal for teams to foster joy and relationships through playing with clay. This team bonding experience is made complete with the creation of a functional piece of art that each participant can use for years to come. Engaging with this soft and malleable medium connects the mind and body in ways we seldom experience in an office, and helps us appreciate the unique gifts residing in each person!



2 hour Hand-building: For both small and large groups.

3 hour Hand-building & Electric Wheel: For smaller groups up to 12 pax.

Venue: Our home studio can accomodate up to 18 pax. For larger groups, we can arrange to run it at your venue.

team bonding

team bonding

Past corporate clients include Google, Autodesk, Twitter, Barclays, Keppel Land, Ministry of National Development etc. More about our studio can be found here.

To customise a team bonding workshop for your team, please contact us at or call +65-6656-3008.