Sculptures & Art Installations in Singapore

Art has always been an integral part of the story of mankind.

From cave paintings to small clay vessels dug up at archaeological sites, each is an expression of the mind of the maker; a testament of the human touch.

As potters, we are grateful for the opportunity to leave our marks around Singapore; ceramic sculptures and art installations that would withstand the test of time. It is our hope that they would add a touch of delight to the passing world:)



I AM OPEN (2019)

Take this jar of clay
And place me where the rain falls
Till I overflow

We are made in the image of a creative God who brings forth new things, and the seeds of possibilities in our lives correlate with our posture of attentive listening to God’s leading.

Hence this vessel is an invitation to stay open; and to become people in whose hearts will flow rivers of living water. As we face this challenging world, may we stay rooted and firm – growing like strong trees; flourishing as evergreens.

Vessel made specially for Biblical Graduate School of Theology. This is in response to the theme “Human Flourishing and the Arts”.







Shaped by the same hand
One to carry, one to hold
One till we grow old

“Weaker Vessel, Stronger Vessel” is a ceramic sculpture exploring the dynamics of marriage as depicted in 1 Peter 3:7.

The two unique vessels in this creation differ remarkably in size, form and function, yet they blend into a seamless whole. Their visual and physical relationship challenges the viewer to consider what it means to be weak or to be strong, and what bearing this has on each vessel’s purpose and beauty.

Painstakingly harvested from local terracotta, hand-crafted, and fired with self-formulated glazes, this work bears the intimate marks of the craftsman at every stage of its journey, just as our lives and relationships are constantly shaped by our Potter’s hands.








Creatures on a hill
Find memories well concealed
By the sands of time

This sculpture is installed in the new Sang Nila Utama Garden at Fort Canning and it is a cross between a kendi vessel and a collared kingfisher. Imbued with local clay, it is inspired by the locale and history of this iconic hill which was once home to royals of the Majapahit Empire.

Now it is the habitat of a wide array of floral and fauna, and many of its visitors know about its storied past. Hoping that our little creature brings a sense of wonder and joy to this place!

This is part of a collaboration among twelve artists led by Mr Lim Kim Hui, Master Potter of Ceramic House.









There is trouble here
So come a little closer
And we will be safe

This sculpture was one of the works selected for Pan Pacific Hotel’s corporate art collection from eighty local and international artists.

Featured in an inaugural publication, The Art of the Journey, it was also selected for display in a public exhibition, Along The Journey, at Parkroyal on Beach Road in Singapore.

“It is not good for man to be alone” says the bible, and we have come to learn that there is joy in receiving as well as in giving. There is joy in swimming together through the troubled waters of our times. For the swirling cloud of bodies keeps warm, keeps safe, and is a marvellous sight to behold.

This vessel was made in response to the theme of Kampong Glam, where the hotel is situated. It used to be a fishing village.







We all know what clouds look like, but what if we can also touch and hear them?

Departing from the conventional presentation of fragile ceramics, we designed a cloud-scape that visitors could wander into and engage with, running their hands playfully over the ceramic pieces and listening to their tinkling sounds as they bounced gently against one another.

This installation was made with over four thousand handmade pieces of unglazed white stoneware delicately positioned on flexible rattan sticks, and it was responding to the theme “Senses: The art and science of experiences”. Thank you various media for featuring us our installation!

Because the world is so much more beautiful when our entire being is immersed in it.









Making Our Mark (2015)

Made out of 2500 pieces of handmade ceramic tiles, this was a community art project co-created with the people of Hougang. They made unique marks on colourful mosaic clay tiles, while we collected little gems of memories.

A community’s spirit is often an elusive, intangible aura that is hard to describe or pinpoint. Yet it is very real, and particularly evident in the close-knit community of Hougang, where neighbours greet one another with smiles, care for one another, and grow old together. We hope that the project will inspire more people across Singapore to also tell their own community stories through art!

This project was the “Community” category winner for the inaugural POSB Storytellers Grant competition in 2015. The project was exhibited around Singapore at the national library locations in Chinatown, Jurong and Cheng San. The mural is currently permanently installed at the entrance of the park in Hougang Ave 5. This was the first time we had taken on a project of this scale as we were potters making smaller vessels for individuals and corporates.





From these bare fingers, a nation strong and free

From these lips, a life of harmony

From these feet, a people marching on

From these hearts, a wondrous tapestry

This installation is co-created with senior residents and volunteers at THK Young At Heart, in commemoration of Singapore’s fifty years of nation-building and honouring the invaluable contributions of our generation of pioneers.

The fifty lovingly sculpted ceramic pieces join together to form the map and flag of Singapore, symbolising our nation’s 50 years of independence.

The raw colours of terracotta and white stoneware underscore the honest and often uncelebrated hard work that our pioneers have poured into building this home we love.


RISE (2015)clay-sculpture-asobi-singapore

May your spirits rise
And may your lives multiply
Beyond sight of shore

Reflecting on Room to Read’s theme of eradicating illiteracy and gender inequality in education, I was moved by the idea that “teaching one to fish” is really at the heart of what this non-profit is doing, and the ripples of that will continue to make its impact on society as these educated children can become teachers and builders of the next generation.

Using koi imagery to symbolize perseverance and strength of purpose, we custom crafted two fish sculptures. Like the legend of the koi that swims up the waterfall to reach the top of the mountain, many children face obstacles to gain an education. With perseverance, they can reach their full potential. The scales represent Room to Read’s ten countries, celebrating the achievements thus far, but highlighting the fish are incomplete until education reaches all children.