THE HOME WE BUILTstudio asobi

From these bare fingers, a nation strong and free

From these lips, a life of harmony

From these feet, a people marching on

From these hearts, a wondrous tapestry


The Home We Built is created by senior residents and volunteers at THK Young At Heart, in commemoration of Singapore’s fifty years of nation-building and honouring the invaluable contributions of our generation of pioneers.

The fifty lovingly sculpted ceramic pieces join together to form the map and flag of Singapore, symbolizing our nation’s 50 years of independence.

The raw colours of terracotta and white stoneware underscore the honest and often uncelebrated hard work that our pioneers have poured into building this home we love.

Created on 14 December 2015




studio asobi建国的双手

咱们的双手, 建立起繁荣与自由

咱们的和谐, 谱出各大民族団结

咱们的步伐, 牵引着社会的动脉

咱们的梦想, 绘出绚丽般的幢憬


《建国的双手》是由《太和观心不老》的乐龄人士及义工们共同创作的一副陶瓷壁画 – 为纪念新加坡建国的五十周年,并且感谢建国一代对我们社会付出的贡献。

五十块陶片拼成了新加坡国旗和地图的画像,象征我国五十年的建国过程。朱泥和白泥自然的 颜色也代表建国一代那不知疲劳,不求荣耀的奋斗精神.

创作于2015 年 12 月14日








studio asobi


Photos by Thye Hua Kwan and Lifeview Photography