Restore Your Spirits with Our Guided Retreat

The human spirit needs nourishment and rest to flourish, perhaps even more so amidst the stress and uncertainty of this ongoing pandemic. Our years of working and playing with clay has nurtured in us a greater sense of peace and surrender in our faith journey, and we would like to share this healing experience with fellow pilgrims as we all journey through the precious life given to us.

Once a month, our cosy home studio is open for a 6-hour spiritual retreat, where we will share a short devotion, guide you in playing with clay, and enjoy a simple meal together. Apart from pottery, feel free to slow down and relax in your own way as well – be it journaling, drawing, browsing our curated collection of books, or even taking our bicycles out for a spin. Make yourselves at home in our home, and let God restore our spirits together!

What you can find at Studio Asobi:

– Pottery: Clay, tools and equipment (price includes glazing and firing of two vessels)

– Relaxation: Writing and art materials; books for the soul; musical instruments; bicycles

– Food: Catered lunch, free flow snacks and drinks

– Environment: Air-conditioned studio, lush balcony

Special Note: We have 2 cats and we hope you are ok with them around:)


How to Book:

The fee is S$150/pax for a 6-hour session, and the class size is up to 6 pax. In the booking system, 1/6 means 1 slot is left and 6/6 means all 6 slots are available.

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Pottery Retreat


About Us – Kenneth & Huiwen:

As a newly married Singaporean couple, we signed up for a pottery course in 2012 to spend quality time together. Little did we know that this casual hobby would eventually lead us to become full-time potters! In 2014, we started Studio Asobi (悠遊陶坊)to try and craft a simple and joyful life together in urban Singapore. Asobi (遊び)means “play” in Japanese and 遊 means “journey” in Chinese. 遊び心 (asobi kokoro) also means having an open heart. It has been such a wonderful life experiment for us ever since we left our corporate careers, and the road ahead is still unfolding with each step!

Apart from teaching, we also continue to make New Creations, as well as Sculptures and Art Installations.

We believe that every one of us has an innate desire and capacity to create. However, our hectic city lives and societal pressures can often quench our creativity and weigh our spirits down. It gives us great satisfaction to see beautiful vessels emerge as our guests sit down to play, relax, and reconnect with their inner child!

Here are some links to our stories/musings:)