Meditate on the Potter and His Clay

Come to the potter’s house.

Since starting Studio Asobi back in 2014, we have been so blessed to experience the beauty of God’s Word in our daily interactions with clay.

Join us in this pottery-themed spiritual retreat, and take this time to intimately experience God’s truth and grace while shaping your own unique vessel from the “dust of the earth”. We have found this a refreshing and often profound way to encounter God as we take the position of an earthly potter, moulding clay with our bare hands.

Pottery Retreat

Special Announcements


This is our 7th year of studio life, and hence we are taking a sabbatical break till the end of 2021.

We will update on our reopening for 2022 via our website and social media (Facebook / Instagram) platforms.

Keep safe and well in the meantime!

About Us – Kenneth & Huiwen:

When we first tried out pottery together, we were just a regular couple in Singapore looking for an interesting hobby to spend quality time together. But little did we know that we were embarking on this amazing journey of beauty and discovery, eventually becoming full-time potters ourselves! The meaning of Asobi (遊び)is “play” in Japanese and 遊 means “journey” in Chinese. 遊び心 (asobi kokoro) also means having an open heart. This is the spirit that we hope to embody as we continue to experiment with clay, with play, and with life.

Here are some links to our stories/musings:)